Sunday, August 12, 2007

Bennett's Pure Food Bistro

Bennett's Pure Food Bistro is located on Mercer Island in The Mercer complex, a new mixed-use apartment/retail building. Even though Mercer Island is well known for it's multi-million dollar homes, it is not known for its restaurants. Last August Bennett's Pure Food Bistro opened it's doors, and it's a long-overdue welcome to a new eatery on Mercer Island that doesn't specialize in fast food or pub fare. This bistro fits in quite nicely on Mercer Island.
I have been to Bennett's twice. Once for lunch, and most recently for dinner. I must say I was quite impressed with both meals. One of the other things I was impressed with at Bennett's is the Bistro itself. The decor makes the Bistro seem like a more upper-scale dining establishment. The staff at the Bistro is very friendly, and they take the time to point out their personal recommendations off the menu. I don't know about you, but I like it when a server recommends food that they have actually tried off the menu.
For my first visit I tried the Grilled Chicken Sandwich. The lightly seasoned chicken breast was served on a toasted herb baguette with Beecher’s cheese, grainy mustard and mayo, crisp lettuce and seasonal tomatoes. The sandwich was very tasty, and the chicken was grilled perfectly. The sandwich came with a side of fruit, which is one of my favorite sides.
My second visit to Bennett's was today, and this time I had a selection off the dinner menu. I decided to go with the Harissa Chicken, which isn't a surprise because I like most anything chicken. The chicken was seasoned with a Mediterranean blend of harrisa spice, fresh rosemary, sundried tomatoes and citrus. The chicken was served with fingerling potatoes and seasonal vegetables. The one thing I like about Bennett's is their portion sizes. Unlike most restaurants who give you enough food for a small family, Bennett's portion sizes are just right, not too much and not too little.
I highly recommend trying out Bennett's Pure Food Bistro. The food is great and so is the service. Bennett's also has a full service deli, not to mention they offer a wide selection of wines. I'll definitely be visiting Bennett's again soon.
I give Bennett's Pure Food Bistro 4 out of 5 stars.

Bennett's Pure Food Bistro in Mercer Island


Anonymous said...

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give them a try for breakfast too... the crab benedict is fantastic...

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