Monday, October 4, 2010

FOOD NEWS: The Sporkful

I'm a huge fan of The Sporkful Podcast. I personally don't consider myself a foodie. Yes, I love food. I love to try out new restaurants, and I love to cook, but I consider myself more of an eater than a foodie. I've always considered foodies to be somewhat snobby (no offense). Some of my good friends are foodies, but I consider myself more of an eater.

The Sporkful podcast is hosted by Dan Pashman and Mark Garrison. As their blog states, their podcast is about food, but not so much about cooking or recipes or restaurants. Dan and Mark tackle a new food subject each week. One week they will talk about bagels and another week they will discuss beer serving techniques. Some other topics include: cereal, poutine, waffle toppings, baked potatoes, and s'mores.

Dan and Mark will take each weekly topic and discuss it in detail. They are always "seeking ways to eat more, eat better, and eat more better." If you love to eat, you have to check out their podcast. You can download it for free at iTunes, or you can listen to them on their website at

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