Saturday, April 14, 2012

GADGETS: Citrus Peeler

When I was a kid we had this really cool citrus peeler. It was plastic, and at the time I thought it looked like a toothbrush without the bristles on the end. Now that I'm making fresh juices everyday, I have been going through a lot of oranges. Some oranges are easier to peel than others. Normally I would take a knife and cut a small slit in the top of the orange, and then dig my nails in to peel back the rind. This does the trick, but I usually end up with orange fingernails.

I decided to do a quick search on for the citrus peeler my Mom had when I was a kid. I was so excited to find it! Little did I know it is made by Tupperware. There were actually a lot of different colors to choose from. I ended up buying a pack of four. I kept one and gave the other three to friends who are also juicing. This simple, little gadget makes it so easy to peel an orange, and it brought back great memories from my childhood. If you juice or eat a lot of oranges, I highly recommend buying one of these handy peelers! Buy a pack of 6 or 10 and give them out to your friends!

Start by pushing the pointed edge of the peeler into the top of the orange.

Drag the peeler from the top of the orange to the bottom. Make multiple slices around the orange.

Use the flat end of the peeler to pry up the orange rind. No more orange fingernails!

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