Sunday, December 2, 2012

FOOD EVENT: Mobile Food Rodeo - Winter Feast

Great news! You don't have to wait until next summer for another Mobile Food Rodeo! Seattle's Premier Food Truck Festival is hosting its first post-summer event, Winter Feast! So what if the weather is cold and rainy. You can still fill your belly with some of the best food Seattle's food trucks have to offer. Not only is it a Winter Feast, it is also a Winter Beer Festival! That's right, great food and beer. The Winter Feast will feature over 15 food trucks, and the Beer Festival will feature 8 local breweries and regional beers.

The 15+ food trucks will be at the Sunday Fremont Market located at 3401 Evanston Avenue North in Fremont. The Beer Festival is hosted by Red Door Ale House. For this event only, Red Door Ale House is allowing all street food into their establishment. The hours of the event are from 10am to 4pm. Admission is free. While you're chowing down on the great food and sampling the tasty beers, you can get some Holiday shopping done at the Fremont Market! Below is a list of the food trucks and breweries that will be at the Mobile Food Rodeo Winter Feast.

- Crisp Creperie - website / twitter
- Xplosive - website / twitter
- Snout and Co. - website / twitter
- Jemil's Big Easy - website / twitter
- Grilled Cheese Experience - website
- Street Donuts - website / twitter
- Wiseguy Food Truck - website / twitter
- I Love My GFF - website
- Jerk Station - website / twitter
- Buns - website / twitter
- Curry Now - website / twitter
- Raney Bros. BBQ - website
- Bistro Box - website / twitter
- Street Treats - website / twitter
- Falafel Salam - website / twitter
- Tandoozy - website / twitter
- Chicarepa - website / twitter
- Los Agaves - website / twitter
- Veraci Pizza - website / twitter

- Fremont Brewing Company - website / twitter
- Black Raven Brewery - website / twitter
- Maritime Brewery - website / twitter
- Deschutes Brewery - website / twitter
- Elysian Brewing Company - website / twitter
- Bridgeport Brewery - website / twitter
- Red Door Ale House - website / twitter

What: Mobile Food Rodeo - Winter Feast and Beer Festival
When: Sunday, December 2, 2012, 10:00am - 4:00pm
Where: Fremont Sunday Market - 3401 Evanston Ave. North


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