Thursday, December 4, 2008

Pork Tenderloin

Tonight my boyfriend surprised me with an amazing Pork Tenderloin dinner. Pork Tenderloin is one of my favorite meals. Below is a picture of the Tenderloin and peppers after coming out of the oven.

The Tenderloin was seared on both sides with some paprika and mesquite seasoning and then placed in the oven to cook through fully.

Here is a picture of the Pork Tenderloin plated with the peppers, rosemary roasted potatoes and steamed broccoli. The dinner was delicious. Everything tasted so great.

We had some Dunham Cellars Three Legged Red wine with our Pork Tenderloin. This was my first time tasting this wine and it was very good. It was the perfect wine for this great meal. Here is a description of the wine from the Dunham Cellars website. Tasting Notes: Each year, Dunham Cellars blends a portion of its wines into this red table wine. Using fruit from some of Washington’s finest vineyards and using the same barrels in which our finest Cabernet, Merlots and Syrahs are aged, we are able to maintain the consistent high quality of our top wine, as well as create a great everyday wine that is price-friendly.


Anonymous said...

That pork looks sumptuous with the browning and resting in it's own juices :)

Thanks for the review of the Three Legged Red. I've seen that one before (it's hard to forget) and always wondered about it. Do you remember by chance if the taste is a strong like a Cabernet or Merlot? I ask because I'm a wussy wine drinker and prefer my Syrah and Chianti :)

Chow Down Seattle said...

Hi Grant! Thanks for the comment. I was impressed by the Three Legged Red. Since it is a table wine, it is more like a Chianti, which happens to be one of my favorite types of wine. So I would highly suggest trying it out.

I checked out your Chef Seattle site. What a great website! I would like to add it as a link on my blog.

- Chow Down Seattle

Anonymous said...

Ooh awesome, I'll give the wine a shot when I see it.

Thanks for the comment- I'd be more than happy if you want to link to our site! Let me know if you needed a logo or anything of the sort.

Also, I've added Chow Down Seattle to our blogroll as well, as I'm sure our visitors would like your blog too. :)