Wednesday, March 28, 2012

DOCUMENTARY: Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead

A little over a month ago I watched the documentary "Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead". I was intrigued by the title. The documentary is about a man by the name of Joe Cross who is 100 pounds overweight, loaded up on steroids and suffering from a debilitating autoimmune disease. Joe's health was very poor and he weighed 310 pounds. He knew he needed to do something fast, otherwise he was headed for an early grave. Joe decided to hit the road and drive 3,000 miles across the U.S. while going on a 60 day juice fast. All he would drink for those 60 days is juice made from fresh fruits and vegetables. Along the way, Joe talked to over 500 Americans about food, health and longevity. He meets a lot of people who also want to live a better, healthy lifestyle. One of those people is Phil Staples. Phil is an obese man weighing 429 pounds. He too suffers from the same autoimmune disease as Joe. Joe helps Phil start his own juice fast and excercise program to get him on the road to health. This is a very inspiring documentary. I highly recommend it if you have been thinking of rebooting your life and start living a healthier lifestyle.

Less than a week after watching this documentary, I ordered a Breville juicer like the one Joe used. For the past month, I have been using my juicer everyday. I have been wanting to incorporate more nutritious food into my diet and juicing has allowed me to get the micro-nutrients my body has been missing. I have been slowly cutting out all the junk food, processed foods, sugar, salt, and any other foods bad for me out of my diet. My first step was cutting out soda from my diet. The was probably the hardest thing to do. I was raised on soda. I have been a Pepsi fanatic all my life. I would easily drink a case of Pepsi a week, if not more. It has been almost a year since I had my last soda, and now I don't miss it. Since I have been juicing, I feel better, have more energy, and my skin complection has improved. I have also noticed my finger nails have been growing faster. I have mentioned "Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead" to friends and family, and now six friends and family members are juicing also!

Joe Cross started a website called The site has all the info you need to reboot your life with juicing. It offers juice recipes, nutritional information, and a large community of fellow juicers for guidance and encouragement. I'll soon be trying one of the juice fasts. I figured I would use my blog to document my experience with juicing. Below is a trailer of the documentary. Check it out.

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