Monday, April 2, 2012

HEALTH: Juicing

Over a month ago, I watched the documentary "Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead". After watching it, I was inspired to improve my eating habits. In the documentary, Joe Cross traveled across the U.S. with a Breville juicer in the back of his SUV. He met over 500 people along his journey talking to them about his juice fast. He told them about the benefits of micronutrient juices, and how his health had improved after starting his juice fast. Less than a week after watching the documentary I purchased a Breville juicer for myself. I love it! I bought the Breville Juice Fountain Plus. I have used it everyday since I got it. It has two speeds. The lower speeds handles all of my fruits and vegetables just fine. It's actually a great looking appliance. I like having it out on my counter top, and it's surprisingly easy to clean.

I have at least one juice a day to help incorporate more fruits and vegetables into my diet. Pictured above are my typical ingredients for one of my juices: 2 Granny Smith Apples, 2 to 3 leaves of Red Chard, 2 to 3 Celery Stalks, 5 to 6 Broccoli Florets, 1 Orange, 1 Beet. I might add Cauliflower Florets, or Strawberries. This will make 1 1/2 to 2 pints of juice. The juice is pretty tasty too!

The juice itself turns out a dark red due to the Beet. Now that I'm getting used to making these juices each day, I'm going to experiment more with different fruit and vegetable combinations. I'm still debating if I should try a true juice fast. Joe Cross has a website called Join the Reboot that has some great recipes and juice fast programs. One of the juice fasts is only three days long. I might start with that one first and see how it goes. For now, I'm happy to just be incorporating these juices into my diet. I have already felt a boost in my overall energy. Anyone else juicing?


Steve said...

I think I'm going to try it too Mark, and the model of juicer you selected is the same one that I found I liked the best after reading about most of the popular ones. Thanks!

jean pierre said...

Hi greeat reading your post