Sunday, May 18, 2014

EVENT RECAP: Bacon and Beer Classic

We received mini glass red Solo tasting cups!

Yesterday at Safeco Field was the Bacon and Beer Classic. It was a day filled with restaurants featuring food samples all with one common ingredient, bacon! There were also breweries sampling over 100 beers. If that wasn't enough, there was entertainment by three bands, and also some fun games to try out. I had a great time at the event! Here are some pictures I took throughout the event. I hope Safeco Field hosts this event again next year!

There was a large crowd for the first session of the Bacon and Beer Classic. Most vendors had long lines.

Von Trapp's Bacon Potato Salad

What else goes great with beer? Pretzels! There was a pretzel necklace-making table.

Bacon and potato dumplings from Pel'meni Dumpling Tzar.

Do doesn't enjoy a good game of over-sized Jenga! Just watch out when it falls!

Elysian Brewery serving up some tasty beer.

Snoqualmie Falls Brewery keeping the people happy.

Spiced Chocolate Cookie with Maple Bacon Custard from Lecosho.

Stay Crispy, Seattle!

Local Seattle band, Hey Marseilles, performed a great set at the Classic! Seriously, check them out. They are an amazing band!

Deschutes Brewery serving up some Black Butte Porter.

Temporary Bacon tattoos!

Local Favorite Redhook Brewery serving up their much loved beer.

Chocolate Bacon Gelato from Sugars Gelato.

House Smoked Bacon-wrapped Sage Sausage Balls from Bill the Butcher. The only meat to eat!!

Skillet's Bacon Jam Brat.

Campfire OK opened the Classic with some great music.

The guys from Morsel creating some bacon goodness.

Diamond Knot Brewery serving up some brew.
Seattle-based, Creme Tangerine, a Beatles Tribute Band, gave more cowbell to some great classic rock!

The Bacon and Beer Classic was a lot of fun! I hope it's back again next year!

Unfortunately, some tasting cups were sacrificed during the Classic. But luckily they provided many good beer tasting samples before their demise.

I would like to thank all the restaurants and breweries for providing such amazing food and beer! Also thanks to Campfire OK, Hey Marseilles, and Creme Tangerine for their great music. And last, but not least, thank you to Safeco Field and all the sponsors and promoters for putting on such a great event! Bacon, beer and a baseball stadium are a winning combination! I hope to see you all again next year! Cheers!


Philadelphia wedding venues said...

This place is amazing, and the view is spectacular. I was here for a network event and our company party. They are very different set-ups but both were very well done.

Frank said...

Looks like this was a ton of fun, especially the giant Jenga! I've never even seen that before, but it seems like a great idea for a party game, especially a party where there's beer involved ;). I've been to a few corporate events but none of them were nearly as fun as this appears to have been - although, they didn't have beer OR bacon so I suppose comparing them isn't that fair.

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