Saturday, August 22, 2015

FUNNY: Whine About It

If you haven't checked out Matt Bellassai from BuzzFeed, please do yourself a favor and check out this video. Matt produces a new video every Wednesday called "Whine About It!". He guzzles down a huge glass of wine, and then proceeds to whine about what he hates that week. This past week he whined about the worst people at every restaurant. I must say he is spot on regarding most of these descriptions of people. Check him out. He's hilarious!


Sun Dry said...

I've seen a couple of other events at other places, but this was my first time in here. It was amazing! Great venue, it's smaller than those bigger places but it is still a fair sized venue. Food at venue NYC was great and I think it's recently renovated - it didn't seem old or anything.

Unknown said...

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