Tuesday, January 4, 2011

FOOD NEWS: Tom Douglas Strikes Again! And Again! And Again?!

The ever-growing South Lake Union neighborhood, a.k.a. Paul Allenville, has seen a lot of changes in the last few years. Amazon.com has moved its headquarters from Beacon Hill to the South Lake Union spot. Paul Allen, through his Vulcan Company, has built some condos, apartment buildings, and other commercial/corporate buildings.

Along with all this new construction comes some great restaurants. Flying Fish and Re:Public have already opened up. Now they will be in great company. Tom Douglas plans to open his second Serious Pie restaurant next week. It will share a space with Soul Wine owned by Michael Teer, who also owns Pike & Western Wine Shop at Pike Place Market. Soul Wine has just recently opened last week. The new Serious Pie will be slightly larger than the original in Belltown. According to Tom Douglas' Blog, the first pizza at the Westlake Serious Pie has already been fired up! This past week they had a "soft opening". I'm sure this Serious Pie will be just as popular as the original.

Leslie Kelly, from the Seattle Weekly Blog Voracious, met up with Tom Douglas at the new Serious Pie location. She was also given a tour of Tom's highly-anticipated new restaurant in the Terry Avenue Building. This large space will be the home of a new Italian restaurant on the main floor, with a tavern and a Tibetan dumpling cafe both sharing the second level. The Terry Avenue Building is set to open in March.

Back in November, SeattleMet.com reported Tom Douglas would also be opening a second Dahlia Bakery in the same space as the Westlake Serious Pie and Soul Wine. So it seems like Mr. Douglas is making his mark on the South Lake Union neighborhood. I'm looking forward to the opening of all his new ventures!

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